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Selected academic publications:

Moon, B. (2022). The long shadow of early modern formalism: Ramist method and the vulgarization of scaffolding. Publication pending in 2022.

Moon, B. & Wells, S. (2022). The construction of subject English in contemporary Australian textbooks: rhetoric, aesthetics and ethics. Publication pending in 2022.

Moon, B. (2022). Politics and ethics in English: A report from ‘down under.’ Publication pending in 2022.

Chen, Q, Moon, B. & Thwaite, A. (2022). A lexical approach to academic writing for Chinese-speaking undergraduates in Australia. Publication pending in 2022.

Moon, B., Harris, B. & Hays, A. (2021). Secondary curriculum literacy and teacher word-knowledge: Further findings from a Western Australian ITE cohort study. Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 46, 11.

Wells, S. & Moon, B. (2019). Towards an anatomy of English textbooks: Counting what counts as English. English in Education. DOI:10.1080/04250494.2019.1687259.

Moon, B. Harris, B. & Hays, A. (2019). Can secondary teaching graduates support literacy in the classroom? Evidence from undergraduate assignments. Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 44 8, 74-101.

Moon, B. (2017). Rereading 'Personal Response': A reflection on the contribution of Annette Patterson. English in Australia, 52, 1, 8-13.

Moon, B. & Harris, B. (2016). Career motivations, role expectations and content knowledge of prospective secondary English teachers. Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 41, 12, 41-66.

Merga, M.K. & Moon, B. (2016). The impact of social influences on high school students’ recreational reading. The High School Journal, 99, 2, 122-140.

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Moon, B. (2010). What's the point of PowerPoint?: Appropriate technology in the classroom. Interpretations 42, 8-22. 

Moon, B. (2008). Things to do in Duskwood when you're dead: English Lessons from World of Warcraft. English in Australia, 43, 1, 47-56.

Moon, B. (2007). Shakespeare versus the bus ticket: "Postmodern Theory" and the teaching of English. Interpretations 39, 14-17. (First published in OnlineOpinion, April 2. (Available

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