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Literary Terms - A Practical Glossary is a unique reference for students and teachers of English and Literature.

It combines clear definitions with practical activities and examples that illustrate concepts and build understanding. Its practical focus makes it ideal for classroom use as well as a personal reference.

The new Third Edition adds more than 80 new terms alongside fully revised definitions and activities for many existing entries.

Modern terms and concepts such as discourse, deconstruction, ecocriticism, ideology, and subjectivity are treated alongside traditional terms such as aesthetics, allegory, rhetoric, satire, social realism and voice.

Additionally, new entries covering drama, poetry, prose and the novel make Literary Terms a more versatile and comprehensive reference work than ever before.

"The discoveries forced on the reader are bracing as well as empowering." - Andrew Stibbs, Times Education Supplement.

Literary Terms. 3rd edn. Chalkface Press. 2017. 254pp. ISBN:1 875136 38 4.  RRP $42.95 AU. (US Edition 1999. 177pp. ISBN 0-8141-3008-9)

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